LocalSoundScapes best experienced with headphones


About the project

LocalSoundScapes is a collection of geography-specific audio recordings created from the activities and processes of local businesses and their surrounding natural environment. The recordings reveal otherwise inconspicuous practices of everyday life and moments from the creation of various products.

The featured businesses produce and sell from their premises allowing visitors to immerse themselves into their processes.

The use of binaural microphones creates an accurate representation of the 3-dimentional sonic environment of the greater area of Forres in the Highlands of Scotland.

Project created by Costas Bissas and supported by distance lab. It was featured at the Electrosmog International Festival for Sustainable Immobility, at De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam.

Costas would like to thank Tomoko Hayashi and Angus Aitken for their contributions.

For more information email costas.at.costasbissas.com

Unless otherwise mentioned, all material is copyright of Costas Bissas